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Social Interaction 

Unattached to physical process, we create a Second Life to rival the Real (programs, games, online, replacement life etc). Here, an emotionally adept collection of sketches, photographs and poetry — the illustrated version of Past.

Paperback: 205 Pages
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3518375172
ISBN-13: 978-3518375174

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Oct 04 2022

ML based AR Design Application Study 2.

Dexterity, skill, mystery. The work is the meaning and the meaning is beginning, the end. Material, Language — Harmony. Spiral discourse on habit, response and uncertainty. Updated index, introduction by Dr. Karen Mead.

Language: French, English, German
ISBN: 3-906 352-03-x

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Sep 21 2022

ML based Design Application Study 1.

Like: fermentation, the desert, incorporeal cities, moons, ghouls, dissolving, unnatural landscapes. This bundle features new work from Sally Smith, Amy Sinclair and Victor Hughes, alongside highly anticipated releases from Side Pull and Fish Oil.

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0820302457
ISBN-13: 978-0820302454

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Aug 01 2022